Student Artwork Aliamanu Middle School – “A Nice Autumn Day”

Weight16 oz
Dimensions15 × 15 × 2 in

Aliamanu Middle School Online Student Art Sale!

This 15 x 15″  piece by Corinne Brindley was created in May 2020 during our online Hālau Pāheona classes. This piece was created with acrylic paint on three wood slats.

Student Statement:  I decided to create this piece to capture a beautiful autumn day on a piece of wood. I made this so that you can feel relaxed whenever you look at this painting.

All art pieces have been priced by the Aliamanu students and proceeds of this sale go directly to the students. 3% of retail price has been factored for credit card transactions for the Estria Foundation. US Postal shipping standard rates have also been included in the pricing.


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