Kameha`ikana Print

Dimensions14 × 11 in

This Mele Murals giclee digital print is part of our Spring 2019 run. Paper size is 14 inches by 11 inches. Image size is 12 inches by 7 inches. This print comes shipped with a board backing, a mat boarder, and a sealed, clear, acid-free plastic bag.

This mural is about past story about a tsunami that destroyed all of Kane`ohe and range of the the Ko`olau mountains. The people had to find out that after crisis and trouble, they can rebuild their place of home and there is new life to be reborn. The oli (chant) of “Huliau” was used for this Mele Mural because huliau means “to turn and look to the past so we can move on to the future.”

The central wahineʻs name, Kameha`ikana, means “the multitude of generations.” She represents not only the land, but the generations of life that come from the land. To read more about the mo`olelo about this Mele Murals project, go to the Castle High School Page or purchase this print!


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