Summer is here and we are proud to launch our first Mele Mural Summer Youth Program at our home of the Kaimukī High School campus. In addition our Mele Murals Professional Development Program for Hawaii DOE teachers started the same week!

22 keiki are participating in our 5 week Summer Youth Program lead by our staff, Cherisse Yamada, Luke Pomai DeKneef, and Nicole Jack. In the past two weeks, the keiki have learned about Hawaiian navigation, agriculture, and taken three field trips to the Bishop Museum, the fishpond in He‘eia, hosted by Paepae O He‘eia, and Ka Lo’i O Kānewai. The students, ages 9 through 11, learn the process we perform for our larger Mele Murals projects by meditating, drawing, and painting about the places they visited and the land that surrounds them. Weʻre excited to see what the keiki paint by the end of the Summer Youth Program!

Our four day Professional Development Program also completed on June 21st with 34 teachers participating.  With the second year of this program, this was the largest attendance of teachers, where they learned about the Na Hopena A‘o (Hā) program. At the same time, the teachers learned about our Mele Murals process by taking a field trip to Ka Lo’i O Kānewai and painted two mini murals on the Kaimukī High School campus.

In other news, stay tuned for our Mele Murals August 2018 Fundraiser event at the end of this hot summer!

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