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Water Writes – 09 Cape Town, South Africa Toggle

Cape Town, South Africa – In collaboration with The Mvula Trust and local and international artists, the mural wraps around the Usasazo Secondary School in the township of Khayelitsha. In the native language of Xhosa the word “Singamanzi” rolls aross the wall and translates to “We Are Water”. Homes and shacks are painted with simple rainwater catchment systems, schoolchildren are painted using water well, text bubbles with facts about water in South Africa and reasons why water is such a crucial resource. In Khayelitsha there are floods every winter and fires every summer, there is a huge lack of toilets, and hand washing stations, and the mural shows the community as it could be. We hope that it serves as an educational tool, not only the secondary students at this school but the primary students at the four school along the same road, and the rest of the community that will walk by.

Fuzzy Slippers
Paul Senyol
Andrzej Urbanski

Community Partners:
Kalahari Catalyst
Mvula Trust
Usasazo Secondary School



Article on by Mike Bam

Water Writes Cape Town Final