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Water Writes – 04 Gaza Strip Toggle

Gaza Strip, Palestine – In collaboration with the Breaking the Silence Murals and Art Project at the site of 8 Middle Eastern Children’s Alliance Water Filtration Centers. Murals were painted at schools, kindergartens, and youth centers portraying the images drawn by children about the water conditions under occupation. At breakneck speed this team painted 10 murals in 9 days!

Artist Team:
Vyal Reyes
Josue Rojas
Hillary Hacker
Alicia Martinstein
Mohammad El- Deeri
Louai Nijim

Community Partners:
Break The Silence Mural and Arts
Maia Project
Middle East Children’s Alliance
Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project
Afaq Jaddeda (New Horizons)
E Wash

"Watch your water... Protect your water... Care for your water"



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