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Water Writes 01 – Los Angeles Toggle

Los Angeles, California – KIPP LA Prep Middle School in Boyle Heights painted a mural entitled “Cuidela” or “take care of it” in collaboration with an 8th grade science class. This mural discusses ancient Chumash creation stories, Aztec mythology of the rain and the rivers, and images painted by youth of their experiences with water. Pipelines and plastic bottles symbolize the privatization and commodification of water. Birds and marine life symbolize life’s resiliency.

Artist Team:
Erin Yoshi
Raul Gonzalez
Vyal Reyes
Ricardo Estrada
Dr. Susie Lundy
Wenz Quiroz
Carlos Rogel
Estria Miyashiro

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Community Partners:
KIPP Academy LA
SPARC Murals
Mobile Mural Lab
Secret Agent PR



Friends We Love
Pablo Serrano Photography
Las Poscas Productions
Casual Play
Environmental Justice Coalition for Water
The Boba Truck
Tapa Boy
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power

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