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Halau Paheona Values Toggle

Mele Murals Orientation 2013 students

Values of Halau Paheona (Visual Arts School)

These are the tenets we strive to live by daily and embody in our work. Every Halau Paheona is in alignment with these beliefs.

  1. Mahalo (Respect) – We respect each other, the land, ancestors, our differing viewpoints, cultures, and ourselves. Don’t litter. Showing up on time respects other people’s time.
  2. Mana’o (Intention) – We state our intentions so that everyone knows where we are headed.
  3. Kupono (Honesty and Transparency) – Being honest builds trust and loyalty.
  4. Kuka’i (Converse/Communicate) – We need communication to move forward as a team.
  5. Kupa’a (Allegiance, Team Work) – We work together to grow higher, faster. Think of the team before our own ego. Loyalty is not known until itʻs shown.
  6. Aloha – Love of self expands to love of family, love of community, love of the whole world. If all our work is grounded in aloha, we come in peace, and everything will be all right. The fundamental Hawaiian Values that make up the meaning of Aloha in all that we do, are:
    Akahai – Kindness, to be expressed with tenderness
    Lokahi – Unity, to be expressed with harmony
    ‘Olu’olu – Agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness
    Ha’aha’a – Humility, to be expressed with modesty
    Ahonui – Patience, to be expressed with perseverance
  7. Ho’oikaika (To Work Hard) – Our work speaks for us, just like our artwork. When we half step it shows.
  8. Maika’i Loa (Excellence) – We strive to do our best in every aspect of our work. We set high standards for ourselves because that is the way to achieve more.
  9. Kuleana (Responsibility, Commitment) – We keep our commitments, even when the going gets rough.
  10. Na’auao (Learning) – Always seek learning. If nothing else, we hope you walk away with the lifelong hunger for learning and the tools to attain knowledge.
  11. ‘Ike ho’omaopopo (Perceptive,Open Mind) – Lessons come when you least expect them. See opportunity everywhere.
  12. Ho’oha’oha’o (Wonderment) – Explore the unexplored, be amazed at our world around us, and have fun!
  13. Ho’a’ano (To take great risk) – Don’t be afraid to take chances with your art and your career. Probably every hero you have took chances and came up with something new. If you don’t explore and fail, you won’t come up with anything new.
  14. ‘Ike loa (Positivity) – We encourage and push each other farther with a great attitude.
  15. Ho’ohui (Alliance, Connection) – Hawaiians believe we never walk alone. We are connected to the land, our ancestors, and to so many around us. Think of everyone first.
  16. Malama ‘Aina (ame Malama i ka wai) (Caring for the ‘aina and the wai – The land is a living being and we are its guardians. Take care of the earth, and it will take care of us and future generations.
  17. Kako’o (To support, Participate) – We are here to learn. Participating is one of the best way to gain.
  18. Waiho (To table as in option to pass) – Once in a while we do not wish to contribute and that must be respected.
  19. Ha’aha’a (Pride and Humility) – We are humble, and we can take pride in our work at the same time. We finish what we start.
  20. Pono (Proper, Righteous) – We do our best to be just and fair. We believe everyone should be treated fairly, and with dignity.
  21. Ho’omaika’i (Grateful) – We are grateful for all our blessings, and we always thank those who have helped us.
  22. Kokua (To help or assist) – We actively offer help to those in need around us.